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SPECIALISING IN :- 110,240,415 A.C. VOLTS.


Having a requirement for A.C. Eutectic Systems is very common, however for this particular type there are governing factors which must be taken into account. At times a GEN-SET is required to operate a Eutectic Tank.  If this is the case then the drive unit must be made proportional in size so as the GEN-SET may be able to start the refrigeration system and overcome major amps needed on start up of all A.C. Eutectic Compressors.


A.C. Eutectic most common system on boats is of a sealed compressor type, however belt driven electric types are still available on request.


To explain amps, GEN-SET as factors in comparison to working out requirements in easy explanation would be to say that a stardard engine driven ie. belt Eutectic System using a stardard car air-conditoning style compressor, operating at 1000RPM off engine produces approx 1HP of refrigeration capacity which will refrigerate up to 4  Eutectic Tanks, standard in a time of 1/2 hour.


Most stardard GEN-SET found is between is 4.5 - 6.5KVA.  This will in turn only start an A.C. Eutectic System of 1/2HP wihich in comparison to belt driven then limits how many tanks and initial first run up time still is 3-4 hours.


A.C. Eutectic Systems start from around $1000-00 which make them much cheaper than a belt driven system, not mentioning the time saved installing A.C. systems in a comparison to belt driven systems.


AIR COOLED - All Manufacturers in the Refrigeration Industry make a cooper tubed condenser with an alluminium finn. If these type are coated with epoxy paint or similar coating will last many years in a marine environment.  Copper tube & finn available at request & quotation.  The advantage of air cooled condensers on boats as opposed to water cooled are price, simplicity, & reliability as long as it is ventilated.   If no ventilation achieved then water cooling has to fitted.  Water cooled condensers however are more expensive to purchase & maintain but can be up to 25-30% better in capacity than air cooled, enhancing system capacity slightly.


WATER COOLED - Moorebank Marine Manufactures most of our required water cooled condensers ourselves.  All are copper inside & out or s/steel & copper.  All are suppied with anode.


Available in Electroless nickel at request.  Also available is a range of cupronickel condensers at request.


All H.E. models come with 3/4 threaded B.S.P. threaded socket for water hose.  Attachements, which allows a choise of hose fittings between 12mm-25mm.  Anode plug 3/8.


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