Air Condensers Water


  • Air Cooled - All manufacturers in the refrigeration industry make a copper tubed condenser with an alluminium Finn.  If THESE type are coated with epoxy paint or similar coating will last many years in a marine environment.  Copper tube & Finn available at request & quotation. The advantage of Air Cooled Condensers on boats as opposed to water cooled are price, simplicity, & reliability as long as it is ventilated if no ventilation.  If no ventilation achieved  then water cooling has to fitted.  Water Cooled Condensers however are more expensive to purchase & maintain but can be up to 25-30% better in capacity than Air Cooled, Enhancing system capacity slightly.
  • Water Cooled - Moorebank Marine manufatures most of our required water cooled condensers ourselves.  All are copper inside & out or s/steel & copper.
  • Available in electroless nickel at request.  Also available is a range of cupronickel condensers.  
  • All H.E. Models come with 3/4 threaded B.S.P. Threaded socket for water hose.  Attachments, which allows a choice of host fittings between 12mm-25mm. Anode plug 3/8




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