DC Battery Powered & Solar Powered



  •  D.C. Refrigeration from Batteries or Solar Panels. We at Moorebank Marine only use the World renowned Danfoss Compressor to build our drive units with.  We strive to make the best, most efficient & above all longest lasting, in performance & durability. All units are on a stainless steel base all condensers are copper, not steel.  Cooling fans are square, ball bearing computer style for long life. All of our evaporator freezer/cooling plates are manufactuered to suit your requirements in stainless steel & copper for life time durability.  Cycling thermostat supplied to maintain cabinet temperature is commmercial type not domestic.  Thermostat range has -20 to +20 degrees celcius temperatures to choose from.  Therefore system can be made & supplied pre gassed if necessary for ease of installation without fridge mechanic necessary.  System can be designed to be fridge or freezer at the dial of a thermostat.  90%of all Marine Refrigeration suppliers over the world that manufactures a kit type system for our industry all use either steel condensers or alluminium evaporators.  This leaves a noticable poor looking and performing system in a marine environment in very little years.  
  • At Moorebank Marine our family business prides itself in making a system that suits your needs, your expectations & your pocket. Fan Cooled Systems: - F1224 Models come with Danfoss BD3.5 compressors which have multi-speed functions.  All copper piped condensers are over sized from maximum efficiency if mounted in small vented ares.  All units will operate from either 12 or 24.  Note, H/Duty unit with BD5 compressor avilable.  Water cooled systems:-  WF1224 Models, come with Danfoss BD3.5 compressors which have multi-speed functions.  Water cooled condensers are made from stainless steel and copper for long life.  12MM hose connections, pump normally not supplied.  All units operate from 12 or 24 volt.  
  • Note one, H/Duty unit with BD5 compressor available.  
  • Note two, Optional second thermostat on drive unit if requested, ie, we find that our condensers are that efficient that in the cooler ambient conditons the circulating pump is not necessary, therefore second thermostat sensors condenser temperature & if pump required, thermostat will cycle on/off & cycle pump only when necessary. Eliminating excess battery drain un-needed.  Also to eliminate unecessary wear & tear on water pump.  Optional thermostat add extra $66.00 inc.  Any fan or water cooled system can be ordered with evaporator version on a Eutectic Tank version or a combination of both.  To order what we require is internal sketch in 3D. Of refrigerated area to be.  Size of entry into space, exit of piping marked on sketch & length of run of pipe up to 3MTRS away to mount drive unit in vented space.

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