Special Design Refrigeration Equipment

  •  Refrigeration is the process of removing heat under controlled conditions, usually achieved by mechanical means.  When a substance is said to be cold it merely means that heat has been extracted from it.  It is necessary to remove heat from water to make ice, from to reserve it & from rooms to provide conditions of comfort.
  • Special Design Refrigeration Equipment
  • We at Moorebank Marine-Liverpool Refrigeration Pty Ltd. Pride ourselves on our family heritage.  Having over 100 years experience in our family business.  Our prior educators, employers & Mum & Dad have trained us all well & thanks to Reg & Rhonde Bruce  have never once trained us in one field but many.  Between the knowledge & experience in the next generation managers we ensure you that we can design & manufacture any of your special Refrigeration needs

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              David Bruce on Mobile  0418 967 375

              Lee Bruce on Mobile 0438 184 129


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